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Isaac Applebaum is a male American resident who lives in Mountain View and Stanford, California. He currently works as a Corporate Development Analyst at Kriya Therapeutics, where he applies his scientific and economic knowledge. While his exact age and date of birth are not provided, he is a junior at Stanford University, majoring in Biology with a pre-medical focus. Isaac’s family places a high value on education, and his parents, who met at Stanford, played a significant role in nurturing his curiosity.

Isaac gained recognition as a quarterfinalist in the Jeopardy College Championship, showcasing his broad knowledge base. Beyond his professional and academic pursuits, he is actively engaged in STEM mentorship programs and has a strong academic background, including research involvement and contributions to inclusive education. Isaac also has a passion for jazz music, serving as a pianist and bandleader, reflecting his diverse interests and talents.

Isaac has ambitious plans for his future. He intends to use his Jeopardy winnings to support his medical school education, with the goal of becoming an oncologist. Additionally, he has demonstrated his community-oriented values by donating a portion of his winnings to food banks, emphasizing his commitment to giving back to the community.

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Isaac Applebaum Jeopardy Results

Returning ChampionContestantContestant
Monday, 23 October 2023Isaac Applebaum
Corporate Development Analyst
Mountain View, California

Final Score: $9,801
Round 2 Score: $6,700
Round 1 Score: $3,800
Pasquale Palumbo
Financial Advisor
Hawthorne, New York

Final Score: $4,900
Round 2 Score: $4,900
Round 1 Score: $2,200
Leah Wiegand
Stay-at-Home Mom
Austin, Texas

Final Score: $12,600
Round 2 Score: $7,600
Round 1 Score: $800

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