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Monika Chavez is a Jeopardy contestant set to appear on Season 39 of the show, scheduled to air on July 28, 2023. She is a Career Education Librarian from Alhambra, California, and currently holds the position at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California.

Monika Chavez is a female individual of American nationality and is currently 36 years old, based on her date of birth.

In her personal life, Monika is a mother, indicating that she has at least one child and balances her professional career with her family responsibilities.

In her professional life, Monika is an active member of the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) since 2012. This demonstrates her commitment and involvement in the field of library and research education. Moreover, her contributions to her profession have been recognized, as she was honored as the ACRL Member of the Week on July 11, 2022. This accolade highlights her dedication and outstanding contributions to her field of work.

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Monika Chavez Jeopardy Results

Returning ChampionContestantContestant
Friday, 28 July 2023Lucas Partridge
School Counselor
Las Vegas, Nevada
2 Day Winnings of $42,200

Winning Score: $24,000
Round 2 Score: $12,000
Round 1 Score: $5,200
Sharon Bishop
High School Spanish Teacher
Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Final Score: $9,999
Round 2 Score: $17,000
Round 1 Score: $5,000
Monika Chavez
Career Education Librarian
Alhambra, California

Final Score: $0
Round 2 Score: $1,200
Round 1 Score: $1,200

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