This entire capital is a World Heritage Site “linked to the history of the military & charitable order of St. John of Jerusalem

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CATEGORY: World Heritage Sites

CLUE: This entire capital is a World Heritage Site “linked to the history of the military & charitable order of St. John of Jerusalem

ANSWER: Valletta

About Today’s Final Jeopardy – Wednesday, 1 May 2024

The capital city referred to is Valletta, the capital of Malta. Valletta has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its rich history and its connection to the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, also known as the Knights Hospitaller. The city was founded by the Order in the 16th century following the Great Siege of Malta, as a fortified city to defend against Ottoman invasions. Valletta’s architecture reflects its historical significance, with many buildings dating back to the era of the Knights and showcasing Renaissance, Baroque, and Mannerist styles. The city’s status as a World Heritage Site acknowledges its historical, architectural, and cultural importance, making it a living monument to its storied past.

Who Won Jeopardy Tonight? – Wednesday, 1 May 2024

Looking to find out who won Jeopardy tonight? Scroll down below to find out everyone’s final scores, as well as the scores after the Single Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy rounds!

Returning ChampionContestantContestant
Amy Hummel
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
ER Doctor
5 Day Winnings of $100,994

Final Score: $1
Round 2 Score: $3,600
Round 1 Score: $3,000
Weckiai Rannila
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Winning Score: $9,999
Round 2 Score: $11,400
Round 1 Score: $5,400
Nils Cousin
Washington, D.C.

Final Score: $2,400
Round 2 Score: $6,400
Round 1 Score: $6,000

Final Jeopardy Video – Wednesday, 1 May 2024

Watch all the videos from today’s Jeopardy episode below, including highlights, behind the scenes outtakes and full episodes.

Final Jeopardy is the final round of the popular American television game show Jeopardy!, in which participants test their knowledge in numerous areas by answering questions. In Final Jeopardy, participants are given a single clue and must wager a percentage of their existing earnings based on their confidence in their ability to successfully respond.

Each contestant surreptitiously writes down their wager during the commercial break. The Final Jeopardy clue is presented when the programme resumes, and participants have 30 seconds to write down their solution in the form of a question (e.g., “What is…?”). When the timer runs out, the host, reveals each contestant’s response and wager in ascending order of their pre-Final Jeopardy scores. The scores of contestants are adjusted based on whether their response is correct or incorrect, as well as the amount wagered. At the end of the round, the contestant with the highest score is proclaimed the winner.

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